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Mustang adds Bullitt Spec to 5.0 V8 Classic


There are car films, car chase films, car guy films and so on. Very few manage to incorporate all as well as Bullitt did. It’s a silent film for the most part, with subtle conversation and style in abundance. Then BOOM. The car. Rolls into view and you’re hooked already. Not only is it actually a cool looking car but it could deliver. For it’s time, the Mustang broke the mold and was accessible to the masses. Anyone could access the Mustang and everyone respected it.


It’s the same today. When people see them, even if they’re not into cars, they recognise the Mustang. Now, Ford are selling not only the Mustang dream, but you can spec the musk of Bullitt too. Ford know the worth of their brand and the image that comes along with the Bullitt spec is something that not every manufacturer can bottle up and sell. The Bullitt spec comes with a few hefty tags to pop, on top of the of €73,092 starting price.


Celebrating the films 50th anniversary, the Bullitt spec adds styling cues around the outside and inside of the car. From the black grille, dashes of chrome and Bullitt badges on the outside to the Bullitt logo on the dash. You can get it in Shadow Black or Dark Highland Green, with 19-inch wheels, red Brembo brakes and Bullitt fuel cap.


The Mustang has some really lovely rev matching technology. When shifting gears, it’s aural heaven. You could sit there all day just changing from 2nd, 3rd, 4th and back. Then there’s the 529Nm of torque roaring through the engine, tyres and onto the tarmac. It’s beautiful but requires a lot of respect.


In comparison, the Fiesta ST is a light and nimble powerhouse that goes in the direction you want at a moments notice. The Mustang however, has a lot of muscle and weight behind it and when you add gravity to that, it takes longer to re-direct the G forces to the direction you intended. And to that end, Ford have made available the Magneride Suspension which gives a more European dynamic drive and makes sure it handles well in the corners. The price tag for the Magneride tech comes in at €3,030. And if you’re going to option the MagneRide, you’ll probably want the matching Recaro seats at €2,720.


Inside, the manual gear selector interestingly features a cold white cue ball. The standard seats have green stitching and a driver’s seat memory function as well as temperature settings (heated & cooled). There’s a brilliant B&O Sound System with subwoofer stuffed in the boot linked to the three-way front door speakers.


The Mustang has had an epic journey through history. It’s one of those models that took hold of it’s generation and continued to capture the public’s imagination. It’s expensive to buy and run but what you’re really buying is a piece of automotive history.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tquD2vZnt-I&w=560&h=315]