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e-Scooter company Spin hopes to launch in Ireland as soon as legislation is passed

Recently we were invited by one of the many e-Scooter companies vying for business in Ireland. Once legislation is passed regarding the use of e-Scooters here, Spin (a Ford owned company) hopes to provide their e-Scooter service to many potential users in Ireland.  Spin hosted an e-Scooter demonstration at the RDS in Dublin and spoke to us about their scooter and business model, including the rental and safety as well as mobility aspects of their e-Scooter. The legislation allowing the legal use of e-Scooters in Ireland is due to come before the Dáil by the end of this year.  

Already available in the UK and parts of Europe, Spin’s scooters appear on Google Maps when users select the bicycle option having looked up directions to a specific location. They will also appear under the public transportation tab.

Spin e-Scooters is the latest to integrate its electric mobility machines into Google Maps. Once legislation is passed you will be able to quickly sign up, and then rent a Spin E-Scooter via Google Maps.

Spin was founded as a pedal bike share in 2017, but pivoted to e-Scooters the following year and was acquired by Ford for $100 million in 2018. Ireland remains the last major European market where laws to allow for e-scooter sharing have not yet been passed.