Volkswagen Unleashes 2021 Golf R Details

Having four-wheel drive, filled to the brim with all new kit and styled with lots of Mark 8 Golf, some restraint and knowingly expedient, the latest R is once again upon us. Now with the Clubsport in between the R and GTI lineup, it’s got a lot more to prove.

Mk 8 Golf R

The Golf R continues as the flagship of the Golf MK8. There is precisely 320 PS of reasons why. Not just that but the latest iteration of 4Motion has wheel-selective torque control. The all-wheel drive is controlled by a vehicle dynamics manager working with the electronic differential locks (XDS) and the DCC adaptive damping. Using a pair of electronically operated multi-disc clutches, the system is said to balance output across the axle from 0-100% within milliseconds.

In a time when many manufacturers are moving away from their hot hatch history, Volkswagen continues to embrace it. No manual is planned but a Golf R variant is possible down the line. Given its huge performance potential, the R is still cost effective to run.

Akrapovič titanium exhaust

19” alloys are optional as is the aftermarket favourite Akrapovič titanium exhaust system. A couple of new settings include Drift mode as well as a Nurburgring setting. All versions are now DSG-only and launch control is fitted as standard, with that said you should be able to match the quoted 0-62mph time of 4.7 seconds without too much difficulty at all. Irish prices expected to start at around €62k for 2021.